Applicator Comb

(Styling Tool)

• Ensures precise root application

• Four sides for optimal styling

• Lifts hair & helps fill sparse areas



Works With Hair Building Fibers & Spray Applicator For Improved Styling and Hairline Coverage

After applying Hair Building Fibers to targeted areas of the scalp with the Spray Applicator, refine your look with the four-sided KeratinMD® Hair Building Fibers Applicator Comb, which allows for precise, easy styling. The hair growth comb is ideal for filling out thinning areas as it effectively lifts hair strands, making it easier for the thickening fibers to cling to them and allows for a more natural-looking hairline.

Enhance and protect your look every time you use our Hair Building Fibers, with increased volume and a more natural-looking hairline.

Our styling comb’s four sides each serve a specific purpose:

  • Rounded edge for precise hairline styling
  • Seven prong for lifting fine hair strands
  • Fine pattern pick for natural hairline styling
  • Shield to prevent falling fibers